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Segafredo Zanetti has always had close ties with the bar, restaurant, catering and hotel sector. It is a crucial link in its corporate value system. Segafredo Zanetti offers professional catering clients an integrated range of products and services that have been specifically designed to meet all of the market’s needs.
These range from ordinary activities, with on-call assistance through the company’s extensive country-wide network, to extra services such as consulting clients on their choice of equipment, and a carefully devised training plan for coffee-shop staff. All of this is focused on a single objective: to instil customers with the true espresso culture,which guarantees the end consumer a product of excellent, consistent quality. Indeed, Segafredo Zanetti has great faith in the figure of the “bartender” as someone who can endorse its ethos and reputation to consumers.

Exclusive blends are made especially for bars. They are carefully formulated in order to fully enhance the intrinsic characteristics of the coffee beans used: they are created using the best quality Arabica and Robusta beans, which give their unmistakeable body and aroma to the true Italian Espresso.

Besides coffee, the Segafredo Zanetti range for bars and restaurants includes carefully selected regional products: from hot chocolate, tea, ice tea and sweets.

Furthermore, Segafredo Zanetti is aware that not only the coffee and product quality, but also the bar’s atmosphere and welcome convince a client to come back again. Therefore Segafredo Zanetti has developed an elegant range of bar promotion materials, which takes account of the  bartender’s activity and the furnishing of the venue.